About Yours Truly

Losing weight is like riding a roller coaster. You’re up. You’re down. You’re happy. You’re sad. There are days when you just want to yell. There are days when you just want to cry. However, there are also days when you are just steady. Needless to say, it’s a battle. It’s a struggle.

There isn’t a day that’s exactly the same. Every single day is a challenge, most especially at the start.

I never really thought I’d be in a position where I have to lose weight.  Growing up, I was skinny. I couldn’t imagine gaining any weight. I ate and ate and never gained a single pound.

Well, a. good reason for that was that I was very athletic. I was into a lot of sports. However, I still never saw myself overweight. No one in my family was ever over weight so I thought it would never be my problem. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

When it comes to weight, it’s really different for each and everyone. The way our body responds to certain weight loss processes is very distinct. In my case, it took some time for me to figure out what weight loss process to stick to.  It was really hard. Aside from the fact that I couldn’t come to grip with my weight gain, I really had to struggle at the start.

Well, I’ve passed the starting line already. Again, with immense difficulty but I did manage to get through it. Thank goodness.

I have been on this emotional weight loss ride for about two months now and you know what? I’m making it. Not without difficulty but I’m making it. Hence, I thought of documenting my weight loss journey into a blog. I figured, why not. So here I am.

Come and join me in weight loss journey. It’s exciting. It’s dramatic. It’s interesting. Most definitely, it is never boring.

Kay Kunis