Ditch The Diet Soda For A Safe Weight Loss

ditch-diet-sodasAre you guilty of this? You order just about everything on the menu (that’s an exaggeration but you get the point, right?) then you top it off with a diet soda. Or maybe, you’re settling for a salad but you  still top it off with a diet soda. It’s as if a diet soda will really help you shed some pounds. Well, here’s some bad news. It won’t and it never will.

Confused About Diet Soda?

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one that’s confused about diet soda. After all, the reports on diet soda have been quite confusing for everybody. One report that has been published in the Obesity journal states that diet sodas can help people lose weight. While that particular report states a positive note on diet sodas, other reports state otherwise.

Another report discovered that folks who drank two cans of diet soda a day had more chances of ending up overweight and even worse, obese. Their chances of becoming overweight or obese? Fifty-four percent.

This is compared to the folks that drank regular soda. Their chances of ending up overweight or obese is at 32 percent, a much lower percentage as compared to the diet soda drinkers. (Of course, they’re not totally spared. The bottomline is soda is bad, diet or not.)

The Long And Short Of It

The confusion goes on. Another study on diet soda shows that drinking it can help you lose weight. This particular study consisted of two groups that were both required to get on the same diet and exercise routine. The only difference is that one group drank diet soda while the other group drank water.

After twelve weeks, it was discovered that the diet soda drinkers lost more weight than the water drinkers. They actually lost four pounds more than the water drinkers. But these results shouldn’t totally excite you. Why? Well, for one it was not stated if the diet soda drinkers were able to sustain their weight loss. And considering the long-term effects of drinking soda, diet or not, nothing was stated about the overall health condition of the diet soda drinkers.

So, yes, diet soda can help you lose weight. But you simply cannot deny the dangers that come with drinking it. Common sense will dictate that you’re safer losing a couple of pounds with water as opposed to losing more weight by drinking diet soda. To start with, you will have an easier time maintaining you weight loss because your body has already gotten used to drinking water. Diet soda drinkers will have to adjust to drinking water and this may cause them to substitute the sweet flavor they have gotten accustomed to.  The long and short of it? You’re better off drinking water.

Ditch The Diet Soda Now

With all the confusing reports, health experts still recommend water over soda. To start with, there’s nothing natural about soda, be it diet or not. The artificial sweeteners contained in diet soda won’t help any of your vital body functions. As matter of fact, they can more harm than good. The same thing goes for the unhealthy sugars contained in a regular soda drink.

If you’re still having second thoughts about diet soda (don’t want to ditch it yet?), take a look at how your body will respond to long-term diet soda drinking. First of all, you’re bound to get headaches. The artificial sweetener contained in the soda can somehow trigger headaches. Second, you’re bound to ruin your smile. Why is this so? Well, the citric acid can cause tooth erosion. Your teeth will weaken and you’ll end up with tooth decay. You surely wouldn’t want to end up toothless and thin, right?

You still don’t want to ditch the diet soda? Well, take a look at this. You are bound to gain weight drinking it. This maybe another one of those confusing health reports on diet soda but the researchers from the University of Texas concluded that diet soda drinkers have seventy percent more chances of gaining weight as compared to non soda drinkers. This is due to the psychological effect of drinking diet soda. Just because it’s diet, you can eat anything. Well, that’s not true at all.

The other serious effects of drinking diet soda are increased risk of ending up with type 2 diabetes and addiction. Once you start drinking soda, it’s hard to stop. That’s not good at all.

The time is now. You should ditch the diet soda (and perhaps even the regular soda as well) now! No matter how confusing the reports are on diet soda, nothing beats drinking water. So the next time you order your next meal, top it off with a tall glass of refreshing water.



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